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Oats have several unique health properties and the composition of oats follows the Nordic nutritional recommendations well.

Oats contain high levels of beta-glucans, a soluble dietary fiber, which contributes to a more even blood sugar level, lowers cholesterol levels and helps keep the stomach in shape. Oats also contain vital amino acids (proteins).


Oats are grown in all our regions and the Nordic climate is perfect for oats, which means that Swedish oats are of high quality. Today, oats are grown on seven percent of the total arable land.

Each year, approximately 0.7 million tons of oats are harvested in Sweden, which constitutes approximately 13% of the total grain harvest (calculated on the average for oats and the total harvest over the last five years in Sweden).



Gluten is a protein found in wheat (including durum wheat), barley, rye, spelled (spelt), kamut and crosses of these grains. Bread, flour, cereals, pasta and pastries are examples of foods that all contain gluten. Oats, on the other hand, are the only grain that is naturally gluten-free and therefore a great option on the breakfast table for gluten-allergic people. Always read the ingredients list to be sure that the food product does not contain gluten.

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